The Training Center

Chaoyang District Youth Activities Center School of Martial Arts is an after-school professional educational.The school is not a private enterprise and is a centrally managed institution.

In last few years, over a thousand students have trained at the school.

The school is fitted with a first-class approved training and teaching gymnasium geared towards all types of martial arts activities and enthusiasts, including Wushu (Martial Arts), Sanda (Free Sparring), Tae Kwon Do etc.

Professional Training Curriculum

Wushu (Martial Arts): Chang Quan (Long Fist), Ba Gua (Eight Diagrams), Xing Yi (Form & Mind), Tai Ji (Supreme Ultimate) and other categories.

Tae Kwon Do (including association belt grading).

Sanda (Free-Sparring): the school has fully equipped facilities, including boxing gear.

Distinguished Coaches at the School

Cheng Style Ba Gua Zhang Gatekeeper: Grandmaster Sun Zhi Jun.

Cha Quan Lineage Holder: Grandmaster Qi Mou Ye.

Wu Style Tai Ji Quan: Grandmaster Li Bing Ci.

Yang Style Tai Ji Quan Direct Third Generation Lineage Holder: Grandmaster Cui Yi Shi.

International Traditional Wushu Championship Tai Ji Quan and Tai Ji Weapons Category First-Class Award Winner: Master Zhang Yong Shou.

Xing Yi Quan and Ba Gua Zhang National Champion: Master Wang De Ming.

Hua Quan: Grandmaster Song Zhi Ping's Top Disciple: Master Dong Wen Yu.

School Facilities

The Youth Activities Center is a fully equipped first class training and teaching facility. It is fully capable of undertaking large scale competitions.

Course Fees

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